Quarter Horse Yearling: Sandy Bay Appaloosa

Sandy Bay Appaloosa with black mane and tail, black or brown spots, solid bay legs, and a blaze. An uncommon variation is two front socks. Per Nancy Young's 5th Edition of "Breyer Horses, Riders, & Animals Molds & Models", there were four main blaze variations as seen in catalogs on models #101, #102 and #103: A long irregular blaze that runs over the nose; short irregular blaze that ends in a point over the right nostril; and, a keyhole or diamond shaped star that runs straight down between the nostrils.

Model was released in 1971-1972 in the Showcase Collection boxes as #1030. Has round Breyer Molding Co Copyright and USA Stamps. Still researching if this model ever had a B Stamp. Models from around 1987 have been known to shrink.

See separate record for the Sears release with leather saddle and the chalky variation.

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