How to Search

Here are ideas on How To Search on BreyerHorseRef: 

Molds:  This is a drop down list of all the molds. Select on a mold name to view all the options to search.

Model Number:  If you know this number you can type it in here.  

Model Name:  Type in one word to narrow down your results if you know the Original Model Name.

Color:  This is a drop down box of many colors!  Sometimes, however, it is difficult to tell what color a model is by a picture, or maybe the model was advertised as one color, but looks like something different in person.  You may have to try searching on colors that could resemble each other.  For example, a chestnut color can resemble a sooty palomino on a model.   You may have to search under both colors to find your model.

Artist: From the Mold Reference tab, you can filter on the Artist that originally sculpted the mold.

Type of Run: This field helps to narrow down what type of run a model was produced as.  For example, click on Limited Editions, or see what models were produced in Clearware, or what models have Glow in the Dark paint.

Series:  This field contains information based on the many series and programs from Breyer over the years.  For example, look up all the models in the Premier Collection, or perhaps you want to see all the models released in the Sears Christmas catalogs.

Customization: This field gives you the option of seeing what models have had customization. For example, look up all models that have Unicorn Horns!

This website is ever evolving, and information is being tweaked constantly.  If you see something that needs to be added or modified, please contact me.  Thank you very much!