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This is a collector reference site, run by one person, and not affiliated with Breyer Horses or Reeves International, Inc.

Please be aware that this site is still being built. It was released in January 2022, and there is still a lot of information that needs to be tweaked and photos added. If you see errors or have suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Regarding the packaging, if a record is blank, just assume most models since 1986 have been released in the window boxes or a generic bag or box.

As of February 2023, new search items have been added such as Eye Color to the Variations search box (including modern eye whites, bicolor and tricolor variations); Stamps are being added to each record; and, there is a new Search box for Material. ABS plastic applies mostly to Stablemates and Little Bits, but starting to creep into the Classics. ABS stands for 'Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene'. Starting in 1992, models made with this plastic are much more lightweight and if it's an older mold, can have less mold details. It can be less expensive to use than the original Cellulose Acetate plastic. Search for these models under the 'Material' search box and choose 'ABS Plastic'.

There is a newly added item in the Series field called 'Artist's Editions'. The Zippo model called Artist's Proof is the first in the series. As of Dec 2022, I have just started researching this series. Please contact me if you can contribute information.

As for other Breyer products, those are all future projects (like dolls, tack, stables, misc items...). In the meantime, I continue to work on the data, and adding photos.

Regarding Little Bits and Paddock Pals - for ease of use in this database, for now, the molds will be referred to as Little Bits. Individual models will be noted as Paddock Pals when known. Future project will be to include the new Paddock Pal molds.

Image Policy: Photos are always welcome! Please try to take photos of models in well lit areas, that are in focus, and show the different sides and variations of your model. If you submit a photo to this site, please be aware that at times permission will be granted to individuals who want to use site photos for their own purposes (Ebay auctions, Facebook, etc.). It is the policy of BreyerHorseRef.com to allow others to use these pictures with permission only, but if you would like acknowledgement for your photo, I would urge you to add copyright text to the photo before submission.

BreyerHorseRef is not responsible for misleading or false information provided by collectors. The data contained in this website is available to aid in the research of Breyer Models.

Please check out my Facebook group: 'Breyer and Stone Horse Reference Sites' for more frequent updates.

Thank you,

Barb Bacon

Owner, BreyerHorseRef

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