Yellow Mount

Variations in color range from a light sorrel to a very dark red sorrel. Early models have an extra spot on the front right foreleg (estimated 1973-1980 based on catalog photos), and a rare, earlier variation, has a dorsal stripe. One sock on the back left leg with a pink hoof, and the pink can vary from almost white to bright pink/orange. Model pictured in the 1970-1975 catalogs shows a test model, and the 1976 catalog shows the actual paint pattern that was originally released. See separate record for Chalky variation.

In 1971-1972, this model was released in the clear Showcase Collection boxes (#5100). In 1971-1973 this model was available as part of the Presentation Collection (#51 or #5051). It stood on a Walnut wood base with a brass plate that read 'Yellow Mount'.

Has both the round Breyer Molding Co Copyright Stamp and the USA Stamp, and some models have a B Stamp, which signifies a different plastic blend was used for the mold.

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