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Please note, I am currently doing an audit of all the years a model was advertised in catalogs. There will be a link from the model to that specific catalog. I'm still working on 2019-2022. Regarding catalogs, this feature represents models that were still available to order. Breyer may have discontinued a model, but if there was enough overstock, that model could be advertised as available the following year or longer.

Image Policy: Photos are always welcome! Please try to take photos of models in well lit areas, that are in focus, and show the different sides and variations of your model. If you submit a photo to this site, please be aware that at times permission will be granted to individuals who want to use site photos for their own purposes (Ebay auctions, etc.). It is the policy of BreyerHorseRef.com to allow others to use these pictures with permission only, but if you would like acknowledgement for your photo, I would urge you to add copyright text to the photo before submission.

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