Family Arabian Mare: Palomino aka Hope

Variation colors range from a dark orange to a light honey shade with white or palomino mane and tail, 4 socks with grey hooves, and a bald face. Some models have the piece of mane on the left side painted. The name 'Hope' was dropped by the 1968 catalog. Models changed from glossy to matte sometime around 1968. Around 1973-1976, chalky variations were available. Both sizes of the blue ribbon stickers were used.

From 1961-1964, set #456 included the Family Arabian Stallion, Family Arabian Mare and Family Arabian Foal and set #506 just included the Family Arabian Mare and Family Arabian Foal. From 1968-1970, the touch-ability boxes #5SP were used, and in 1970-1972 model was released in the Showcase Collection boxes as #500.

Originally had the round Breyer Molding Co Copyright Stamp, around 1970 the USA Stamp was added, and some models have a B Stamp, which signifies a different plastic blend was used for the mold.

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