Appaloosa - Grey Models

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Picture Model Name Mold Color Year
Adios: Grey Leopard Appaloosa OOAK Adios Appaloosa - Grey 1995
Andalusian Stallion: Dapple Grey Appaloosa Andalusian Stallion Appaloosa - Grey 2013
Appaloosa CL Might Tango Appaloosa - Grey 2013-2020
Appaloosa American Classic Set Stud Spider Appaloosa - Grey 1990
Appaloosa Stallion with Western Tack Appaloosa Performance Horse Appaloosa - Grey 1984
Appaloosa Stock Horse Foal Action Stock Horse Foal ASHF Appaloosa - Grey 1984-1988
Arosa Missouri Fox Trotter MFT Appaloosa - Grey 2012
Belgian: Blue Smoke Appaloosa Belgian Appaloosa - Grey, Appaloosa - Roan 1986-1987
Cantering Warmblood: Grey Appaloosa Cantering Warmblood Appaloosa - Grey 2018
Cantering Welsh Pony: Grey Appaloosa Cantering Welsh Pony CWP Appaloosa - Grey 1997
Cleveland Bay: Grey Appaloosa Cleveland Bay Appaloosa - Grey 2006
Dillon Mustang - Semi-Rearing Appaloosa - Grey 2013
Dude Ranch Trail Horse Set Indian Pony IP Appaloosa - Grey 1997-1998
Esprit: Glossy Dapple Grey Appaloosa Esprit Appaloosa - Grey 2011
Family Arabian Foal: Grey Appaloosa aka Spot Family Arabian Foal FAF Appaloosa - Grey 1960-1970
Family Arabian Mare: Grey Appaloosa aka Speck Family Arabian Mare FAM Appaloosa - Grey 1960-1970
Family Arabian Stallion: Grey Appaloosa aka Fleck Family Arabian Stallion FAS Appaloosa - Grey 1959-1971
Famous Sire Collection - Prince Plaudit CL American Quarter Horse Mare AQHM Appaloosa - Grey 2010
Fighting Stallion: Grey Appaloosa - Glossy aka King Fighting Stallion - King FS Appaloosa - Grey 1961-1967
Fighting Stallion: Grey Appaloosa - Matte Fighting Stallion - King FS Appaloosa - Grey Unknown