SM Quarter Horse Mare: Buckskin

Buckskin with black mane and tail, models had black or no black on the knees and hocks, 4 or various stockings, grey or black hooves and a solid face. Uncommon variation is a glossy finish. Originally sculpted by Maureen Love for Hagen-Renaker. Released late in 1975, so not pictured in the catalog.

Early models did not have a mold stamp, then a Copyright Breyer Molding Co 1976 was added (even though this mold was released in 1975). A Mexico Stamp was used around 1977-1984, and a B Stamp was used around 1979-1983. The Mexico stamp was added in preparation of this mold to be produced in Mexico, but production was halted before it was made there. The B stamp signifies a slightly different plastic blend was used. These models were made from the heavier Cellulose Acetate plastic.

Side Note: Early Chestnut Quarter Horse Mares had no mold stamp - still researching if any early Buckskin Mares had no mold stamp.

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